Refining data is tough. Here’s how to make it easier

We’ve heard a lot of late about how data is the new oil. That’s largely because it is not only valuable, but the lifeblood of the economy. There’s another reason why the analogy is apt: like oil, data is often difficult to extract and expensive to refine.

Many companies are finding this out the hard way.

According to recent research we conducted, most marketers are caught in a conundrum. They realize that culling and synthesizing data is integral to taking a 360-degree single customer view. However, they also know that they’re over their heads when it comes to making sense of such data.

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What's in the BlueVenn 2017.3 update?

While the latest 2017.3 update for BlueVenn features a host of improvements, integrations and improved analysis tools, this release also includes significant enhanced campaign management features. This gives BlueVenn users a new ability to build and automate complex, multi-channel customer journeys, by allowing audiences to seamlessly flow from campaign to campaign. A new integration will also optimize how you create and execute Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Release Date for BlueVenn 2017.3: September 30, 2017. 

Here's a breakdown of new and improved functionality:

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How can B2B marketers make the best use of big data?

Utilizing big data for marketing is a practice best suited to B2C. It’s an assumption that many B2B companies struggle to shake off, and reports find that many B2B marketers still fail to find ways to use it effectively.

Fears about the validity, quality and disparate nature of data are legitimate reasons why marketers may be reluctant to put big data to use. However, there are data cleansing, enhancing and processes to unify a customer database to address these issues.

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Using predictive analytics for more relevant marketing

Predictive analytics, predictive modeling and the technology it powers has become one of the most exciting techniques in the marketing toolbox. One recent study found that 32% of US marketers hope to start using their data to predict customer trends in the next five years.

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