What’s in the BlueVenn 2017.2 update?

We’re pleased to announce that the latest update to the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and marketing automation tools will be live from June 30, 2017, and contains a number of interesting new features.

There are some very exciting developments so I thought I'd take the time to write down some of these new features and enhancements:

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BlueVenn selects Adestra as its email marketing technology partner

Bristol, UK & Boston, MA – June 29, 2017 :: Leading Martech providers BlueVenn and Adestra have announced today that they have formed an alliance to combine the Single Customer View, analytics and segmentation capabilities of the BlueVenn Customer analytics and real-time customer journey automation platform with Adestra’s email marketing solution.

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The Age of the Seller is dead. Long live the Age of the Customer

Part of constructing effective marketing communications is being able to adapt, and marketers have to be ready to change their approach when old strategies start to look obsolete. With the introduction of new technologies, cultural shifts, and the evolution of customer expectations, the digital age never pauses.

The most obvious and monumental change is the shift away from the Age of the Seller towards the Age of the Customer.

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How a Single Customer View and Golden Records are different, and why that matters

Is there any difference between Single Customer View and the Golden Customer Record? If you spend some time reading up on the pair, you might not think so. In recent years, the two terms have been used somewhat interchangeably, yet I’d argue that today there is a definite distinction.

The Golden Record is just what it sounds like: a holy grail, a gold standard. It’s what all data-driven marketers should aspire to: a clean, organized, comprehensive record of their customers, purged of inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Easier said than done.

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The paradox of mass personalization

Personalization is everywhere. It’s in our Facebook feeds, on our Netflix queues, and increasingly, in our shopping experiences. Ever since retail giants such as Amazon proved the value of personalization online, smaller retailers have been searching for ways to adopt the practice into their own businesses on a smaller scale. Unfortunately, while most retailers have good intentions when it comes to personalization, few have been able to incorporate the trend in a way that maximizes its full potential.

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How Sainsbury’s and 'Gary' entered the social media hall of fame

In our recent Customer Journey Optimization webinar, we introduced the fact that the role of the marketer has evolved so much through social media that they can now be considered as a participant or spectator – rather than the guardian of their brand. 

Unlike marketing conducted via a company blog or campaign, social media marketing does not exist solely on the vendor’s turf. It can be publicly responded to and repurposed, with whatever content has been created now subject to the whims of all of those who may encounter it. By the time you read this, #covfefe will be a distant memory, but it was a meme that burned insanely bright across social media for all of, what, 12 hours?

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BlueVenn and Inka Solutions help News Media brands develop intelligent engaging marketing campaigns

6 JUNE 2017, BOSTON, MA -- Integrated Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation vendor BlueVenn, and Martech Analytics and Campaign Management specialists Inka Solutions, have today announced a new partnership to provide a unique, full-service marketing technology and consultancy offering to the News Media.

Using BlueVenn’s leading analytics and customer journey software, combined with Inka Solutions’ experience and knowledge, the partnership enables marketing teams to transform the effectiveness of their online and offline campaigns.

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BlueVenn shortlisted as Retail Tech Supplier of the Year at 2017 Tech. Awards

We want your vote!

BlueVenn is pleased to announce that it has made the shortlist for the 2017 Tech. Awards, powered by Retail Week, in the Retail Tech Supplier of the Year category.

Celebrating the best and greatest innovations in retail technology, the inaugural Tech. Awards highlight how technology underpins all areas of retail, how it enhances the customer experience and showcases the most successful teams helping to lead the change for a new retail world.

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BlueVenn’s Steve Klin recognized as 2017 Owler Top Rated CEO in Technology

2 JUNE 2017, BRISTOL, UK & BOSTON, MA – Integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation vendor BlueVenn is excited to announce its CEO, Steve Klin, has been awarded a 2017 Owler Top Rated CEO award in the Technology industry.

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Iain Lovatt and Subaru wow the crowds at DataIQ Summit

At last week’s DataIQ Summit in London last week, BlueVenn chairman Iain Lovatt delivered what Econsultancy described as “one of the most interesting sessions” of the event.

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