Customer Data Platform vs. Single Customer View: What's the difference?

Every day, marketers have to eat a big bowl of alphabet soup. The marketing solution acronym game leaves marketers confused by similar sounding solutions which perform different tasks.

With expectations higher than ever for marketers to have the skills and tools to collect, manipulate, analyze and make use of customer data, marketers are always on the lookout for the right solution to help them target, communicate and respond to customers.

But deciding on a solution is hard when faced with a multitude of data solutions and a bewildering number of acronyms. 

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GDPR: Four questions about data and 'legitimate interests'

On this date next year, the General Data Protection Regulation will have come into force across Europe and, even with Brexit on the horizon, in the UK, too.

Over the last few months we have covered some of the frequently asked questions about marketing consent, data subject rights and data profiling. This week we look at 'legitimate interests'.

Currently, the guidelines relating to what constitutes as 'legitimate interests' can differ between EU countries. However, an independent advisory board suggests the following assessment take place before any decision is made to process personal data:

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3 in 5 consumers think marketers fail to target them effectively

May 22, 2017 -- BRISTOL, UK and BOSTON, MA: Despite the growing availability of online and offline customer data, 3 in 5 consumers (58%) think that brands and marketers are failing to target them effectively.

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BlueVenn appoint new VP of Professional Services

May 18, 2017, BRISTOL, UK and BOSTON, US: BlueVenn, the global multi-channel marketing software provider, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Justin Morris as VP of Professional Services for its global operations.

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BlueVenn appears in 2017 Martech Landscape Supergraphic

Bigger than ever before, BlueVenn can be found under two categories in the latest iteration of Scott Brinker’s now famous Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. In the 2017 version of this visual behemoth you can find BlueVenn under the ‘Business/Customer Intelligence & Data Science’ and burgeoning ‘Customer Data Platform’ categories.

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GDPR: Four questions about data profiling

We are a little over a year away from launch of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018. The countdown has begun.

As we have covered in previous GDPR articles, relating to consent and data subject rights, businesses (as a 'data controller' and/or 'data processor') must adhere to new legislation for the collection and use of personal customer data. However, we have yet to talk about an important area that many organizations will want to know more about: 'profiling', and its new definition. 

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86% of marketers believe that they need to collect as much information as they can on their customers

Survey shows that, with less than a year until GDPR comes into effect, marketers still feel the need to hoard customer data

10 May 2017, BRISTOL, UK: Nearly 9 out of 10 (86%) UK and US marketers believe that for maximum success they need to collect as much information as possible on their customers. This is despite the fast approaching General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which encourages marketers to prioritise customer privacy over mass data collection.

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The importance of ISO27001 compliance

Every week you’ll read a story about a company experiencing a data leak or breach. Often, with expensive repercussions. Needless to say, when it comes to the handling of business data, security and privacy is the watchword.

With this is mind, you want the confidence that your ‘data processor’ (someone who processes data on behalf of a ‘data controller’ – i.e. you) has controls in place to manage the security of such a vital business asset. This assurance comes in the form of an information security standard, known as ISO27001.

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BlueVenn: your Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) solution

Marketers know that traditional advertising and marketing campaigns no longer get the reaction from customers they once did. Now, the focus must be towards highly relevant, one-to-one customer engagements, no matter what point they are in their journey or what channel they use.

With this in mind, a report by Independent Research firm Forrester recommends that marketers make an investment into a Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) solution.

In its March, 2017 report: Vendor Landscape: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Forrester principal analyst and report author Rusty Warner categorizes and highlights 32 CCCM providers, of which BlueVenn was proud to be included.

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BlueVenn's Jim Kelly makes 2017 DataIQ Talent Awards shortlist

We're pleased to announce that BlueVenn Principal Consultant Jim Kelly has been shortlisted for not one, but two separate accolades in the 2017 DataIQ Talent Awards, within the Data Professional - Services and Data-Driven Brand Marketer categories.

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