The Data Management Platform (DMP) Q&A

When it comes to marketing technology, prospective users are faced by an intimidating bowl of alphabet soup. Attempting to understand what all the confusing acronyms mean, whether you need them and how you distinguish one from the other has become yet another challenge of the already overburdened marketer.

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72% of marketers consider data analysis more important than social media skills

January 09, 2017, Bristol, UK and Boston, MA: 72% of marketers consider data analysis to be the most important skill for their organization to acquire over the next two years according to a new report from international marketing technology brand BlueVenn: Customer Data: The Monster Under the Bed?

The report, which incorporates research from 200 UK and US marketers, reveals the skills and attributes that marketers feel they need to acquire in order to survive today’s data-centric marketing landscape.

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Using machine learning to make real-time product recommendations

Personalized product recommendation strategies work. Multiple studies from the likes of Forrester and Gartner have found that such a strategy, if deployed effectively, can increase revenue by up to 300%, boost the conversion rate by 150% and the average order value by 50%. Little wonder that 70% of Amazon’s homepage is dedicated to product recommendations!

Fortunately, using BlueVenn’s real-time personalization tools, BlueRelevance, it’s not just retail giants like Amazon who are able to include Product Recommendations on their website. But how do they work and how can you use them yourself?

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How can travel brands use real-time content features?


It’s the start of a new year, which means that along with a host of new promises to eat healthier, learn a new skill or kick a bad habit it’s also the time when many start daydreaming about a chance to escape the winter weather on vacation. The prime time for travel companies to start tempting their customers with enticing destinations where they could get away from it all.

However, today’s savvy shoppers needs more than a glossy brochure and fancy  photography to attract them. Now they want an online experience that speaks to them personally and reflect their tastes. Travel companies need the right content tools to design their marketing strategy, using customizable and personalizable real-time content tools, like BlueRelevance to successfully boost engagement and revenue.

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Drive a sense of urgency with Countdown Timers


When shopping online, customers are free to browse at their leisure. There are no queues at the checkout or opening hours to worry about. If you want to buy a pair of shoes or a bicycle at 4am on a Sunday morning, you can. Still, while the ability to shop 24/7 is one of the most convenient things about online shopping, that doesn’t mean brands don’t want to give customers a little nudge down the sales funnel every now and then.

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