The Single Sock View... deep drawer analytics!

Matching, de-duplicating, disparate storage locations… Is this your database? Or your socks?

An important Christmas message from BlueVenn to help maintain a healthy Single ‘Sock’ View in the holiday season.

Just as the Holiday Season provides retailers with a flood of new customer data, so too does Christmas Day mean a massive influx of new socks for all of us.

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Marketing technology analyst David Raab reviews the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform

Earlier in December, respected marketing technology analyst and consultant David Raab was introduced to the capabilities of the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and has recently published his independent assessment of the software.

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Are marketers still struggling with data?

There are times when marketing is exciting, fast-paced and glamorous: planning new product launches, international travel to grand locations, brainstorming creative new campaigns; or unleashing exciting, boundary-pushing content out into the world. Beneath this glitzy sheen of marketing, though, is a driving force that may be surprising to those who are not in the industry. Data. And it’s giving marketers sleepless nights.

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The importance of ‘Connected Data’ and the Single Customer View

So you’ve got mountains of data, providing valuable insights on your customers, and the tools to analyze individual strands of this data convincingly. Superb. But can you join it up to provide the valuable insights you require?

As businesses get to grips with making sense of the disparate data they have sitting in individual silos, how do they take the next steps toward connecting those silos of different data types together?

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