Domestic & General use BlueVenn for more efficient and effective customer analysis and insight

27th October 2016, Bristol: International, market-leading appliance care specialists Domestic & General (D&G) choose BlueVenn to help it place consumers at the heart of its marketing analytics and insight efforts.

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British Martech Veteran BlueVenn Launches US Operations and New Martech Offering

New President of the Americas leads company expansion, unveils new product and global headquarters

BOSTON, MA & Bristol, UK October 27, 2016 -- With nearly two decades of experience in marketing automation and customer analytics, British martech powerhouse BlueVenn has formally launched operations in the US, announcing its headquarters in Boston. The company also introduced BlueVenn, its digital marketing platform that enables customer insight across multiple unrelated campaigns, in real-time.

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BlueVenn help International Personal Finance hold better customer conversations

Leading home credit and consumer finance company, International Personal Finance (IPF), deploy a marketing automation solution from BlueVenn for a consistent base of data analytics and campaign management across four of its international markets.

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The power of customer insight marketing

Do you know what your customers want? What they really want? Ask any small business owner and they can likely tell you everything you’d want to know about each individual customer’s behavior, needs and desires. Smaller businesses benefit from an emotional, invested customer relationship, with the knowledge to accurately cater to their requests, and the ability to accurately recommend relevant products to suit their tastes.

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Show report: BlueVenn at TFM16

It had beasts, dinosaurs, Darth Vader, a DeLorean, an F1 simulator and even Father Christmas. As one of the UK's biggest marketing events, over 100 of the most exciting and innovative martech companies made every effort to impress for the 2016 Technology for Marketing (TFM) exhibition.

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