BlueVenn help The Belfry take control of its marketing data

Award winning, luxury hotel and resort takes control of its data to better understand its customer base and conduct more intelligent marketing. 

BlueVenn, the international vendor of multichannel marketing software, has been chosen by West Midlands hotel and golf resort The Belfry to future proof its marketing with a customer insight and email solution to broaden its recognition both locally and nationally.  

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Could travel organizations offer a more personalized experience?

We are well into summer vacation season now, as families jet off for different climes and the chance for some well-earned rest and relaxation. How many of you made a decision on destination because you were offered a personalized experience? Did you notice some of the tactics being used?

The travel industry is one with a huge potential for a tailored customer experience, at numerous stages from the point of research and booking, to the airport, on-board the flight and beyond. The 'extra touch' has gone way beyond a mint on your hotel pillow these days...

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BlueVenn 2016 London User Group report

On Wednesday 6th July, BlueVenn hosted its 2016 User Group, within the luxurious surroundings of London’s Ritz hotel.

The event was an opportunity for BlueVenn clients and partners to get their first look at our latest software upgrades, as well as an occasion for users to help shape the development future of our products.

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BlueVenn and 3radical partner for more rewarding engagement and personalized customer journeys

BlueVenn has announced a strategic partnership with 3radical, creators of the unique customer engagement platform Voco, to bring new levels of excitement and interactivity to the customer journey.

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What are the benefits of a Single Customer View?

They say that two heads are better than one. And three heads are better than two. But what if one those heads isn’t talking to the others? What if one is in the room next door? What if two of them tell you the same thing?

Most modern organizations amass huge volumes of data about their customers – personal data from subscriptions, communication history, online transactional data, in-store purchases and more. The problem is this information can be collected at many different points and stored in disparate locations. What you need is one head that can collate, merge and share the knowledge of all three.

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Does GDPR apply to organizations outside the EU?

For marketers outside of Europe (and a surprising amount working within it) the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) remains something of a mystery. However, this significant update of data protection law is likely to have a noticeable impact across the world.

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Personalized marketing: make it delightful, not disturbing

Just because you know something about your customer it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to tell them – nobody likes to feel like Big Brother is watching them.

Marketers have access to incredible levels of detail about their customers. They can find out where they live, what car they drive, where they like to shop, whether they have children, what their hobbies are and more.

Armed with this intelligence, it enables marketers to achieve great things when acquiring prospects, reengaging with those who you haven’t heard from for a while, and targeting customers with relevant, personalized content at the right time, through their favorite channel.

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