The Importance of Customer Segmentation

While mass marketing tactics are still able to get results, the assumption that simply everyone will be interested in buying what you are selling is a time-consuming, inefficient and expensive strategy.

Instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, successful segmentation clusters your customer data into groups sharing the same properties or behavioral characteristics, helping to drive dynamic content and personalization tactics for timelier, relevant and more effective marketing communications.

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Driving sales throughout the car buying customer journey

While few online customer journeys are the same, the process of buying a car is an exceptional experience, and one that can take decades from start to finish.

At the 2016 Salesforce World Tour in London, luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin revealed that a journey towards the purchase of a $200,000 sports car often begins with a poster on the wall of a teenage boy and it can take 30 years before that initial seed of desire ends with the sale of a car.

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Customer journey maps: visualizing a path to profitability

Customer journey mapping is a method for marketers to visually understand how a customer interacts with their brand. It tells the story from a customer’s initial point of contact, providing an overview of how they move through the sales funnel, identifying touchpoints along the route. This will highlight whether it you are satisfying your customers, as well as points that could potentially disrupt their journey, or derail it completely.

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A perspective on LTV calculations at the 2016 Data IQ Summit

Experienced BlueVenn technology user Greg Bright from the Albuquerque Journal flew over to the UK for the Data IQ Summit in London on May 26th to provide an educational presentation about Lifetime Value to a packed audience of data analytics and marketing professionals.

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