Consumer engagement on mobile with real-time tactics


In February, Cisco released its most recent Visual Networking Index. Within the white paper were a number of eye-opening statistics, particularly if you believed that mobile device usage was already ubiquitous.

As it happens, global mobile data traffic grew a massive 74% in 2015, with half a billion mobile devices and connections added in the last year. By 2020, Cisco predict that global mobile data traffic will reach 30.6 exabytes per month.

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BlueVenn appoint new President to head US operations


BlueVenn, the global multi-channel marketing software provider, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Curt Bloom as the President of its operations in the US.

Following the recent launch of BlueVenn’s latest multi-channel marketing campaign tool, Curt heads the strategy for an exciting period of growth in the US, further building on company's already impressive collection of clients.

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Real-time personalization for improved customer engagement

According to statistics from Google Trends, the term ‘real-time marketing’ started to gain serious interest in the middle of 2009 and conversations around it have steadily increased since. One point of debate being about what real-time marketing actually is.

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Data versus creativity – can one exist without the other?

For centuries, scientists and artists have held differing outlooks on life. While one strives for rational, objective truth, the other believes in subjective expression. It’s no different in the world of marketing, where these seemingly conflicting groups continue their tumultuous relationship with a struggle between data science and groundbreaking creativity.

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