Targeting customers with cross device tracking

For brands to engage with customers, an organization needs to connect with them no matter what channel or device they are using. Easier said than done. For starters, a recent YouGov survey revealed that the average British household now owns 7.4 internet-connected devices, while OMD UK research claims that the average person, when at home, swaps between devices up to 21 times per hour.

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Eight reasons why you need to rethink your email campaign

When customers share their email address with you, they do so with a certain amount of trust: that providing you with it will benefit them in the future.

Email campaigns that do not conform to the most basic standards (opt-outs clearly visible, company registration details, engaging content and so on) will most likely head straight to the trash.

Get it really wrong and your carefully constructed promotional email will feel like an abuse of that trust, meaning a trip to the spam folder, a click of the unsubscribe button or a place on the block list.

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From multichannel to omnichannel: why your organization should evolve its customer experience

Marketing has more than its fair share of buzzwords and two are cropping up with increasing regularity: multichannel and omnichannel marketing. Both are recent terms and both sound like they could be used interchangeably. Can they? Or is there a significant difference between these two customer engagement approaches?

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