The speed of column-based databases

Can any organization still afford to wait for a third party agency to deliver insight into customer data? And then wait again when that insight prompts a new list of questions? Real-time customer experience marketing and one to one engagement demands a faster, more intuitive way of gaining customer insight than the typical week long turnaround provided by agencies.

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Customer analytics: Do it in-house or use a third party?

With the abundance of data available to organizations of all sizes, it’s never been more important to concentrate on the quality, rather than the quantity, of the information you’re collecting and analyzing.

Marketers are constantly trying to improve campaign ROI, better understand customers and spend less time cleansing and updating the database.

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Personalized, contextualized, localized

Personalization has become a priority marketing strategy over the past year or so – but how many brands are yet actually delivering anything of real value? One day we will reach a world where every consumer will be looking at a different, personal version of a website. Today, however, most brands’ personalization attempts deliver little more than a personal greeting over a generic, one size fits all web site.

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