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Now out, the BlueVenn 2021.1 software update!

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BlueVenn to join Upland Software

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BlueVenn announce partnership with InfiniteIQ Consulting

What is Next Best Action and how to use it to evolve the customer experience?

What’s in the latest 2020.2 Update?

BlueVenn selects b.telligent to support its Customer Data Platform expansion into Germany and Switzerland

Creating an effective omnichannel Customer Journey using Microsegments

JOIN Digital – a pop-up series of online conferences for marketers

VSO selects BlueVenn to help optimize its database and automate campaigns to support its mission

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BlueVenn Engage 2020.1: new release adds CDP-powered email marketing

How a Customer Data Platform helps you to comply with data protection legislation

Why you should take a leaf out of HSBC’s book and remember your email system is ‘not an island’

From fiction to reality: real-time, cross-channel customer experience marketing

Customer Data Platform Benchmark Report reveals key components you need from a CDP

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New report says BlueVenn’s CDP capabilities surpass industry benchmarks

This Christmas, Better Data = Better Marketing

Fine-tuning your customer journey

BlueVenn Engage 2019.4: our Omnichannel Marketing Hub just got better

Avanci partners BlueVenn to launch its CDP in France, Switzerland, Belgium

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5 frequently asked questions about Customer Data Platforms answered

How segmenting an automotive audience leads to more sales

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Seaton Publishing Company selects BlueVenn for Customer Data Platform development & omnichannel marketing automation

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Nine Key Requirements to Consider When Investing in a Customer Data Platform

Is a Customer Data Platform the Same as a Master Data Management Solution?

Customer Data Platform vs. Data Warehouse: what’s the difference?

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DMP vs. CDP- what's the difference and which is right for your business?

What's New in the BlueVenn Marketing Hub 2019.2 Update?

What’s the Difference Between a CDP and a CRM (and why should you care)?

BlueVenn Wins ‘Data-Driven Product of the Year 2019 at London DataIQ Awards

How LNP Media Group grew digital subscriptions by 122%, leveraging a Customer Data Platform and unique news media expertise

BlueVenn and London Research release customer data platform maturity model

6 Proof Points to Secure Budget for a Customer Data Platform Investment

Adams Publishing Group selects BlueVenn for Customer Data Platform development & omnichannel marketing automation

BlueVenn ENGAGE 2019.1 Software Release

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette selects BlueVenn for Customer Data Platform development & omnichannel marketing automation

With Salesforce, Adobe and Oracle announcing their CDP offerings it’s time for RealCDP Certification

How to Continually Optimize Data Quality using a Customer Data Platform

Using Customer Lifetime Value to Transform not Wreck your Business

What is Predictive Analytics and how can you use it to improve your marketing?

Park Group Expands Its Multi-channel Marketing and Analytics Capabilities With the BlueVenn Marketing Hub

How Identity Resolution Enables Targeted, Personalized Marketing

How Does a Single Customer View Actually Improve Your Marketing?

What’s new in the BlueVenn 2018.3 release?

What Is Omnichannel Retailing and Should You Be Doing It?

Step-By-Step Guide for an Effective Customer Engagement Strategy

Honolulu Star-Advertiser chooses BlueVenn to deliver customer insight and targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns

Three Examples of Why Customer Retention is Essential to Businesses

Top Five Customer Retention Strategies for Retail

BlueVenn wins “Best Overall Marketing Campaign Management Solution” at the MarTech Breakthrough Awards

What Are the Customer Lifecycle Stages?

MarTech Advisor Asks IM Group's CRM Director How to Choose the Right Customer Data Platform

Customer Loyalty: What Is It & How Do You Improve It?

Why Is Data Analytics Important in Marketing?

Three Journey Orchestration Tips to Improve the Customer Experience

How Frederick News-Post transformed their customer experience

How a Customer Data Platform Helps You to Comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act & GDPR

Why Customer Insight Is Important and Why Your Business Should Be Utilizing It

How Insurers Can Build Better Relationships with Their Customers

BlueVenn 2018.2 Latest Software Release

What is marketing automation and why does it matter to you?

A Step to Step Guide to Audience Profiling

JOIN Digital 2018 brings together technology experts from BlueVenn, Fresh Relevance, dotmailer and 3Radical!

Customer Experience Management: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

The Importance of Marketing Automation

Four Ways to Make the Most of Consumer Insight

How a Customer Data Platform Optimizes Omnichannel Marketing

Five reasons why you should be using multi-channel marketing software

Meet BlueVenn at Magento Imagine 2018

BlueVenn Partners with Magento Commerce to Deliver a Single View of Customers and Create More Targeted Multi-Channel Campaigns for Merchants

How a Customer Data Platform makes data marketing more efficient

How can a Customer Data Platform improve personalized marketing?

How Customer Data Platforms compare to other data management systems

What's in the BlueVenn 2018.1 update?

Why a Customer Data Platform is an attractive business asset

How a Customer Data Platform improves the customer experience

BlueVenn Relevance conference explores the latest in personalization technologies

BlueVenn announces partnership with FullContact to uncover valuable customer intelligence and form deeper customer relationships

Forrester includes BlueVenn in new cross-channel campaign management and customer analytics reports 

What is a Customer Data Platform and what are the benefits?

BlueVenn announces full-service marketing analytics and campaign management solutions

Approaching omnichannel strategies in 2018

BlueVenn Enables Single Customer View for Leading US Publisher GateHouse Media

Overcoming the challenges of database marketing

Five tips for boosting email open rates

The benefits of database marketing for marketers and customers

Five ways to improve database marketing in 2018

BlueVenn complete acquisition of media analytics and marketing specialists LEAP Media Solutions

What marketers really want for Christmas

What's in the BlueVenn 2017.4 update?

Managing an unpredictable customer journey

Monitoring customer journeys with clickstream data

How can B2B marketers be more customer centric?

BlueVenn celebrate the success of its inaugural JOIN Digital data marketing conference

BlueVenn collaborate with Throtle to add identity resolution services, to build richer customer profiles and more engaging marketing strategies across the customer journey

9 tips to reduce cart abandoment on mobile

10 terrifying marketing and data statistics

Retailers transform the holiday shopping experience with BlueVenn's eCommerce integration

BlueVenn invite marketing professionals to its two-day online data marketing event, JOIN Digital, this November

BlueVenn integrate R programming language to enhance its predictive analytics capabilities

Why your personalized marketing needs to be better

Show report: BlueVenn at TFM17

Refining data is tough. Here’s how to make it easier

What's in the BlueVenn 2017.3 update?

How can B2B marketers make the best use of big data?

Using predictive analytics for more relevant marketing

Why you should leave your MSP and buy a Customer Data Platform

Infographic: The Mythical Beasts of Marketing

Luxury beauty retailer Space NK Apothecary create personalized customer journey and loyalty reward experiences with BlueVenn

Commodities intelligence specialist CRU implement a Single Customer View from BlueVenn for efficient, enhanced marketing

Meet BlueVenn at the 2017 Technology for Marketing exhibition

A belief in customer-obsession must start from the top

BlueVenn announce JOIN 2017 data marketing conference in Las Vegas

Four ways B2B organizations are using AI and predictive

Why marketers must embrace data analytics for more relevant marketing

Omnichannel has become an expectation: Are you delivering?

Look through the customer lens to create a customer-centric experience

What’s in the BlueVenn 2017.2 update?

BlueVenn selects Adestra as its email marketing technology partner

The Age of the Seller is dead. Long live the Age of the Customer

How a Single Customer View and Golden Records are different, and why that matters

The paradox of mass personalization

How Sainsbury’s and 'Gary' entered the social media hall of fame

BlueVenn and Inka Solutions help News Media brands develop intelligent engaging marketing campaigns

BlueVenn shortlisted as Retail Tech Supplier of the Year at 2017 Tech. Awards

BlueVenn’s Steve Klin recognized as 2017 Owler Top Rated CEO in Technology

Iain Lovatt and Subaru wow the crowds at DataIQ Summit

Customer Data Platform vs. Single Customer View: What's the difference?

3 in 5 consumers think marketers fail to target them effectively

BlueVenn appoint new VP of Professional Services

BlueVenn appears in 2017 Martech Landscape Supergraphic

86% of marketers believe that they need to collect as much information as they can on their customers

The importance of ISO27001 compliance

BlueVenn: your Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) solution

BlueVenn's Jim Kelly makes 2017 DataIQ Talent Awards shortlist

64% of marketers believe it’s their role to collect – but not analyze – data

Six issues to address before you build a Single Customer View

The need for a B2B Single Customer View

Once upon a time at South by Southwest

What’s in the BlueVenn 2017.1 update?

From Super Mario to seamless shopping: what video games share with the customer journey

You're so Venn...

Break out of the campaign mindset with customer journey mapping

Get your head out of the marketing cloud. It’s all about the data

BlueVenn announce Magento connector to add new analytics, segmentation and journey management capabilities to marketers’ toolbox

Understanding Customer Data Platforms

Take part in our CDP survey to learn more about the future of customer data management

The Data Management Platform (DMP) Q&A

72% of marketers consider data analysis more important than social media skills

How can travel brands use real-time content features?

Drive a sense of urgency with Countdown Timers

The Single Sock View... deep drawer analytics!

Marketing technology analyst David Raab reviews the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform

Are marketers still struggling with data?

The importance of ‘Connected Data’ and the Single Customer View

What’s in the new BlueVenn update?

BlueVenn survey looks at the current state of MarTech and the 'myths of marketing'

Customers are changing; embrace it

How do you encourage customers to give up their data for personalization?

BlueVenn join the Customer Data Platform Institute to help marketers solve their critical marketing data needs

Domestic & General use BlueVenn for more efficient and effective customer analysis and insight

British Martech Veteran BlueVenn Launches US Operations and New Martech Offering