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Accudata turn to BlueVenn for CRM solutions


BlueVenn, the international multichannel marketing software company, today announced its relationship with AccuData Integrated Marketing, a leading provider of direct marketing services that help companies identify prospects, capture new customers, and retain and grow existing customer relationships.

AccuData will offer BlueVenn’s Intelligent Marketing suite of software, known as blueMARKETER, as a valuable option for new and existing clients of its marketing services. SmartMARKETER offers a graphical analytic, campaigning and reporting environment that enables marketers to more rapidly and efficiently design, create, execute and measure marketing campaigns.

We chose BlueVenn because it has an intuitive interface that puts the power to create and execute marketing campaigns onto the marketer’s desktop and reduces their reliance on their internal IT staff. Our clients are gaining a powerful new resource.
Ted Zollinger, Vice President-Client Relationship Manager, AccuData Integrated Marketing

AccuData also benefits from the versatility of BlueVenn solutions which offer a better combination of campaign selection and reporting within one tool and an integrated feel between front-end selections and back-end analysis. As a total solution, blueMARKETER will help AccuData clients maximize their marketing efforts with superior campaign management, analysis and reporting capabilities that are as effective as they are user-friendly. 

As a leader in its field, AccuData has committed to bring its clients the very best resources available to deepen customer relationships and grow their businesses. BlueVenn technology will play a valuable role in that commitment and help AccuData provide even more comprehensive solutions to its clients.
Steve Klin, CEO, BlueVenn

About AccuData Integrated Marketing

AccuData Integrated Marketing is a leading provider of direct marketing services that help companies identify prospects, capture new customers and retain and grow existing customers. AccuData was founded in 1990 and currently employs more than 130 data consultants who have real-time access to major marketing information databases. The company is one of the largest providers of multi-sourced compiled marketing data and related data analysis services. This blend of resources allows AccuData to deliver extensive direct marketing products and strategies for all users of data solutions including resellers and end-users. 

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