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AAA choose BlueVenn to meet its marketing aspirations


The American Automobile Association (AAA), the largest leisure travel organization in North America, has chosen BlueVenn to help it meet growing marketing and customer service aspirations.

AAA chose BlueVenn’s eponymous marketing platform to empower its marketers to create multi-faceted, multi-channel marketing campaigns, and enhance the customer experience for its 55.6 million members, while escalating retention and acquisition efforts.

Part of AAA’s plan to create more engaging content for its members includes the use of BlueVenn tools to launch real-time, triggered communications, improving the organization’s responsiveness and allowing for the creating of personalized web experiences.

Enjoying the ability to consolidate digital and offline sources, AAA CRM Data Warehouse Manager Glenda Selby is confident in BlueVenn’s capabilities. She says:

“By utilizing the power of the database and the Customer 360 view, we are able to quickly analyze and segment past member behavior. The BlueVenn Marketing Platform adds the opportunity to integrate near real-time data sources with historical behavior and predictive models to plan ‘live’ campaigns that can be deployed through e-channels, bricks and mortar or any other customer touchpoints. We anticipate this will enable consistent, timely, more relevant interactions.”

BlueVenn CEO Steve Klin says:

“The American Automobile Associate have been clients of ours since 2005 and I’m delighted that the organization will continue to benefit from our solutions, using the latest generation of our marketing platform tools. With BlueVenn, AAA has a modern, intelligent solution that will not only meet its needs today, but provide a foundation for its future requirements, too.”


The American Automobile Foundation (AAA) was founded in 1902 in Chicago and has been instrumental in the development of road safety and transportation policy issues across the United States.

Today, the non-profit organization operates a federation of 42 regional motor clubs, with 55.6 million members across North America and Canada. AAA provides a number of services to its members, including roadside assistance, insurance products, travel discounts and journey planning.

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AAA desired the ability to improve its marketing campaign effectiveness, providing timely, targeted messages across a variety of channels. Find out how BlueVenn helped.

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