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A perspective on LTV calculations at the 2016 Data IQ Summit


Experienced BlueVenn technology user Greg Bright from the Albuquerque Journal flew over to the UK for the Data IQ Summit in London on May 26th to provide an educational presentation about Lifetime Value to a packed audience of data analytics and marketing professionals.

Greg has worked in analytics and marketing in the newsmedia industry since the Carter administration in the late ‘70s. He has overseen the dramatic rise of digital media, the cannibalization of paid media across the internet and the need to drive new revenue models in a declining print industry.

As an experienced BlueVenn technology user, Greg has started to work Lifetime Value models into every piece of analytics and every customer journey he builds. Opening the presentation at the Data IQ he said:

“LTV done right is one of the most powerful and commercially insightful tools at your disposal! Done wrong it’s a fast way to wreck marketing effectiveness and destroy a business!”

In the presentation Greg provides all the formulae and workings for his averaging process that enables him to create a more sensible view of Lifetime Value that he then builds into customer journeys and further analytics models.


As well as removing outliers, the deck provides insight into how different calculations for lifetime value can provide radically different results. Through the averaging process, Greg can bring the calculations into a more sensible model that can be applied across all customers and provide sensible results.


Download Greg Bright's Lifetime Value Presentation deck.

Access the presentation here to find out how you can build an averaged Customer Lifetime Value model for your business that could become the most profitable analysis you’ll do for your business.

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