What's in the BlueVenn 2017.3 update?

While the latest 2017.3 update for BlueVenn features a host of improvements, integrations and improved analysis tools, this release also includes significant enhanced campaign management features. This gives BlueVenn users a new ability to build and automate complex, multi-channel customer journeys, by allowing audiences to seamlessly flow from campaign to campaign. A new integration will also optimize how you create and execute Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Release Date for BlueVenn 2017.3: September 30, 2017. 

Here's a breakdown of new and improved functionality:

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How can B2B marketers make the best use of big data?

Utilizing big data for marketing is a practice best suited to B2C. It’s an assumption that many B2B companies struggle to shake off, and reports find that many B2B marketers still fail to find ways to use it effectively.

Fears about the validity, quality and disparate nature of data are legitimate reasons why marketers may be reluctant to put big data to use. However, there are data cleansing, enhancing and processes to unify a customer database to address these issues.

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Using predictive analytics for more relevant marketing

Predictive analytics, predictive modeling and the technology it powers has become one of the most exciting techniques in the marketing toolbox. One recent study found that 32% of US marketers hope to start using their data to predict customer trends in the next five years.

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Why you should leave your MSP and buy a Customer Data Platform

Marketing moves fast. Before the world went digital (which wasn’t actually that long ago), marketing campaigns were predominately created for TV, radio and most of all print. As such, commercial printers were the go-to place to fulfill an organization’s advertisement, brochure or direct mail needs. Then came new marketing channels, making the others look old fashioned: online ads, social media, email, mobile and more.

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Infographic: The Mythical Beasts of Marketing

Do marketers have the skills or the technology to take on some of the the biggest challenges in their industry? Dare they tackle the mythical beasts of marketing...?

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Luxury beauty retailer Space NK Apothecary create personalized customer journey and loyalty reward experiences with BlueVenn

BRISTOL, UK & BOSTON, US – AUGUST 14, 2017: Luxury cosmetics, skincare and beauty retailer Space NK Apothecary has chosen the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to create an integrated personalization project, to enhance its online proposition by delivering intelligently tailored customer journey experiences and incentivizing brand loyalty.

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Commodities intelligence specialist CRU implement a Single Customer View from BlueVenn for efficient, enhanced marketing

BRISTOL, UK & BOSTON, US – AUGUST 8, 2017: Global metals, mining and fertilizer industry intelligence expert CRU has chosen leading Martech provider BlueVenn to implement a Single Customer View, for an integrated database that enables effective marketing and analysis.

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Meet BlueVenn at the 2017 Technology for Marketing exhibition

This year’s Technology for Marketing (TFM) event will be taking place on September 27-28, returning to its familiar home of Olympia London in the UK’s capital. Once again, BlueVenn will be attending, demonstrating the latest features of our Customer Data Platform, including adaptive customer journey orchestration, predictive modeling, real-time marketing and much more.

You’ll be able to find BlueVenn on stand T456, so be sure to drop by to see our software in action or learn more from our knowledgeable team.

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Happy Birthday, John Venn! Five fun facts about our favorite mathematician

BlueLull. BlueLiebniz. BlueEuler. If our name had been inspired by anyone else, BlueVenn just wouldn’t be the same. Sure, John Venn may not have been the first to use schematic diagrams to represent set collections and all their possible logical relations, but unlike those before him, he was the first to popularize them.

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A belief in customer-obsession must start from the top

The biggest brands in the world have a lot of money in their marketing and advertising budgets. And, in the so-called ‘Age of the Customer’, much of this money is spent on demonstrating customer obsession; that delivering the optimal customer experience is at the core of everything they do.

While it is great to have brand ambassadors, such as a YouTube vlogger who will wax lyrical about a brand’s products to tens of millions of subscribers, organizations need to look closer to home to ensure that their customer-focused attitude is authentic. They need to look to the very top.

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