What’s in the BlueVenn 2017.1 update?

We’re pleased to announce a host of new additions and improvements to the BlueVenn platform, which will be available to all BlueVenn clients from Friday March 31, 2017.

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Malin+Goetz selects BlueVenn to maximize value of its Magento data

Malin+Goetz, a family owned and operated apothecary brand, has chosen BlueVenn’s Customer Data Platform to amplify its ecommerce efforts and respond to its global customers across all of its integrated channels in real time. BlueVenn’s multifaceted solution helps Malin+Goetz get value from its entire customer database and gain access to real-time customer journey optimization tools.

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From Super Mario to seamless shopping: what video games share with the customer journey

If you are of a certain age and played video games growing up, you will be more than familiar with titles like Contra, Ghosts ‘n Goblins and, of course, the original Super Mario Bros. These 8-bit games of yore featured challenging, side-scrolling environments that required players to jump, shoot and slash their way end of a level, dodging Goombas or skeletons or whatever else on the way.

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You're so Venn...

Do you have what it takes to make a Venn go viral? 

Send a Venn diagram to marketing@bluevenn.com  and every month the sender of the most popular one across our social media channels at the end of each month will win an Amazon Echo!

As if our company name wasn't enough to give you a hint, we're rather fond of Venn diagrams (or Eulerian Circles, to give them their ‘official’ name).

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Break out of the campaign mindset with customer journey mapping

Marketers know personalizing their messages nets a strong response rate. Personalized email outreach has been credited with improved click-through rates, increased customer engagement and a six-fold increase in transaction rates.

Yet technology has lagged behind the promise of personalization, leading marketers to default to broad-based campaign tactics. The tides are turning. 

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Get your head out of the marketing cloud. It’s all about the data

What does watching a flatscreen TV, using a smartphone and cloud marketing technology have in common? All three have been given names that are becoming increasingly obsolete.

Of these three examples, the term ‘flat’ or ‘smart’ or ‘cloud’ has been used as a way to highlight how sophisticated, cutting edge and superior they are to ‘curved’, ‘dumb’ or ‘on premise’ alternatives. The trouble is, all televisions have flat screens now (at least, not convex like a CRT screen), all phones are smart and almost every marketing vendor is in the cloud. These terms, arguably, are no longer a differentiator and have become largely irrelevant as a USP.

So let's dig into the hazy, fluffy world of 'Marketing Clouds'...

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BlueVenn announce Magento connector to add new analytics, segmentation and journey management capabilities to marketers’ toolbox

International marketing technology vendor BlueVenn today announced new integration functionality with digital commerce and fulfilment platform Magento. The connector provides Magento users with cohesive connectivity to BlueVenn's customer analytics, insight and journey management tools.

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Understanding Customer Data Platforms

Marketers are using data more than ever, getting their hands dirty with analytics, customer insight, modeling and all manner of data science-y things that they probably didn’t realize they needed to at the start of their careers.  

To perform these new tasks, marketers are using a number of tools, ranging from email marketing platforms and web analytics tools, to marketing automation platforms and CRMs.

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Government will implement GDPR in UK and new laws will remain post-Brexit

A recent parliamentary committee has confirmed that the UK will fully implement the EU General Data Protection Regulation on May 25, 2018, and a law that mirrors GDPR will remain, even in post-Brexit Britain.

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Take part in our CDP survey to learn more about the future of customer data management

As a founding member, BlueVenn has worked with the Customer Data Platform Institute (CDPI) in the commission of a new survey, to find out how marketers are using managing their customer data, and the current state of their customer data management technology. 

We want to hear your thoughts, to better understand the future of customer data management and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). You can take part in this short survey here.

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