Are you draining budgets by outsourcing your database or customer analytics to an agency? Or still relying on IT?

Download 'A Guide to Predictive Analytics and learn:

  • The Benefits of predictive analytics
  • Data preparation for effective modelling
  • Using predictions for improving lifetime value
  • Using predictions within customer journeys
  • Examples of predictive marketing strategies

A Guide to Predictive Analytics 


Here's what marketers are saying about moving away from an agency or IT, to manage their own analytics and database marketing:

In the old way it was a a two-week process, to brief the agency, get the list created and then use it. Now we can go from concept to action in 24 hours. Read more...

SpaceNK customer analytics

With an agency, when you ask one question you get one answer, whereas with the right tools, you get multiple answers which lead to more valuable action. Read more...

 The White Company Customer Analytics 

The ability for non-technical people to easily and quickly access data to draw insight is invaluable and BlueVenn provides a user-friendly interface to do that. Read more... 

Isabella Oliver Customer Analytics