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Project Manager

Role Details

Job Title: Project Manager
Reports to: Senior Project Manager
Location: Bristol, UK.
Salary: Competitive Salary + Bonus 
Benefits: Flexible benefits and share options

Job Summary

The Project Manager oversees all aspects of a project using both  PRINCE2 and Agile based methodologies. The Project Manager is responsible for co-ordination and completion of the project and to this end will perform a variety of tasks including setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring and summarising progress of a project. The Project Manager may be responsible for more than one project at a time.

There will also be internal projects and initiatives that the project manager will need to be involved with, alongside smaller Client changes and amendments that may be delivered in isolation or as a portfolio of smaller changes.

The Project Manager has the authority to run the project on a day-to-day basis on behalf of BlueVenn. The Project Manager shall have sufficient latitude to exercise a wide degree of creativity in performing this role.

Job Role

Planning and problem-solving tasks

  • The Project Manager is responsible for planning the project in order to accomplish its goals and produce the products required within constraints such as time, cost and agreed quality standards. Alternatively, a Project Manager might inherit a detailed project plan from sources such as a contract, a business plan, an organisation or a funding body.
  • The Project Manager would normally be responsible for maintaining the project budget. In the first instance a specialist may help to prepare the budget for the Project Manager to then review. The Project Manager should have ownership of the budget. Therefore, if a Project Manager is handed a budget by someone else, it is important that they are able to understand it enough to take responsibility for delivering the project within the budget defined. On large scale projects some sections of the budget may be handed over to someone else to oversee.
  • The Project Manager must continuously monitor progress in terms of the status of the plan and the budget and report back to the Account Management team via weekly or other progress reporting and by organising and managing status meetings and project board meetings.
  • The Project Manager must anticipate and catch deviations from a plan or schedule early and keep all participants and stakeholders informed.
  • The Project Manager should identify, log, analyse and manage potential and actual issues and risks, taking corrective action by tackling day-to-day issues head on and reviewing how more serious issues and risks might impact on scope, schedule, quality and cost.
  • The Project Manager should identify where and when management of issues and risks or accommodating altered requirements will involve extra time or extra resources and where efficiencies can be made.

Communicating tasks

  • The Project Manager should be able to articulate and negotiate consensus on a final vision of the product and/or the core project goals from scoping the requirements of all stakeholders, not forgetting the end-user.
  • The Project Manager should be capable of defining acceptance criteria or working with specialists to define acceptance criteria for project deliverables and will works towards achieving stakeholder acceptance of deliverables.
  • The Project Manager must be courteous and polite in written and oral communication, and be able to get ideas across in a non-confrontational manner in one-to-one situations, small groups, and before large audiences.

Team management tasks

  • The Project Manager will identify the need for resource, and should subsequently take on team management responsibilities in relation to the resource available to the project.
  • The Project Manager may work directly with the team members or with their team leaders to estimate effort, plan activities and negotiate consensus among individual team members on their appointed tasks.
  • Alternatively, the work or parts of the work may be done by third party contractors, managed and coordinated by the Project Manager.
  • The Project Manager will need to exercise good judgement in whether tasks should be broken down into smaller detail or not.
    The Project Manager should be able to create and use Gantt charts, spreadsheets or other appropriate tools to manage people and tasks and keep up-to-date.
  • A Project Manager may need to be experienced in providing a team with direction and vision, including motivating people to perform, listening to people, providing feedback, recognising strengths and providing challenges.
  • The Project Manager is likely to be responsible for bringing the project to a close, which may include creating an end of project report or evaluation document, holding ‘sunset’ meetings and activities, and capturing and using relevant lessons learned.

Technical and quality tasks

  • Without necessarily being an expert, the Project Manager should make an effort to understand the technology being used in order to understand and question requests coming from specialists and technical staff and to evaluate what is reasonable or possible.
  • The Project Manager should be PRINCE2 certified or undertaken Agile training.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for the project’s commitment to quality – also referred to as fitness for purpose or specification level, and may need to call on specialists to assist in creating or assessing quality standards.

Organising tasks

  • The Project Manager may need to generate many types of document, including requirement specifications, contracts, schedules, personnel records, project reports, communication (email) records, design specifications, meeting agendas, minutes and status reports.
  • The Project Manager may need to create a structure for project documentation and remain
    conscientious in using it and ensuring that the rest of the team understands and uses it.
    The Project Manager may need to create a structure for project assets, including digital assets and remain conscientious in using it and ensuring that the rest of the team understands and uses it.

Key Performance Indicators

  • 90% of projects are managed on-time and within budget.
  • 25 % of projects are delivered using 10% less resource.
  • All projects are documented fully.

Person / experience / skill required

  • The individual will need at least 2 years’ experience in running medium sized projects in an IT environment.
  • The individual should be PRINCE2 Practitioner Qualified or Agile Certified
  • Having a knowledge of Jira and/or Confluence would be a benefit.


  • Company Bonus Scheme – up to 6% of your annual salary, paid quarterly, based on objectives
  • Group Salary Exchange Pension – 1%:3% of your basic salary from the Company (with a minimum 1.5% contribution from you)
  • Private Health Care
  • Death in Service – 4 times salary
  • Bike to Work Scheme
  • Mobile Phone / Mobile Phone allowance

How to Apply

To apply for this role please send your CV, and a covering letter explaining why you're the right person for this role, to our HR Team at Please put the name of the role you are applying for in the subject line.