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Our goal is to help everyday marketers improve results from their marketing efforts through the perfect implementation of data and technology. We enable our customers a deeper understanding of their customers to deliver relevant, targeted customer experiences.

25 yearsLeading the way for 25 years...

We've only just got started!

BlueVenn marketing software solutions have led the way for over 25 years. Our team has a proven pedigree transforming existing systems into money-making data marketing platforms, and BlueVenn is one of a handful of marketing solution providers worldwide with the ability and knowledge to build large-scale Single Customer View marketing databases.

Global400+ customers in 12 countries

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BlueVenn is the secret marketing weapon that enables brands around the world to improve the success of all their marketing efforts across acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell and retentions. From the biggest brands to up-and-coming enteprises we've helped thousands of marketers mature beyond traditional marketing methods.

IntegrationsOur Integration Ideology

We like to play nice with everyone.

When you have a modern technology stack from many different providers, you want a marketing platform that plays nice with others. That's why we'll connect with everything and anyone, including ESPs, BI tools, 3rd party data, CMS and eCommerce platforms to become the hub from which you can deploy all your marketing efforts.

Steve Klin, CEO of BlueVenn

"Throughout the lifetime of this business I've seen an extraordinary growth in volumes and complexity of data, but the challenges and problems have remained the same - and our core values at BlueVenn haven't changed either.

Perfectly targeted marketing doesn't need to be a myth! Don't get me wrong it's difficult but the great people at BlueVenn make it a reality for our clients."

Steve Klin, CEO of BlueVenn

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We've got office locations in the US, UK and France serving over 400+ clients across 12 countries



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The BlueVenn Galaxy

Through our 'Closed Loop Marketing Methodology' we blend all your data about customers, products, behaviors and campaigns together into a Single Customer View to provide a trustworthy, clean, de-duplicated and holistic database. This enables accurate customer insight and the best platform for analytics.


We then provide marketing with powerful, easy-to-use marketing automation tools to ask limitless questions of the data and execute customer journeys with the right message, to the right person, at the right time – and on the right device! We make segmentation easy, driving real-time personalization, cart abandonment and connectors to the leading platforms to optimize customer experiences. Responses and customer interactions, from all your channels, flow back into the Single Customer View for a continuous closed loop of marketing intelligence.

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With BlueVenn, you can visually create a journey and see how it links to others. It’s a much better way to think about the conversations we are having with our customers.


Ian Longley,
Group Head of Customer Development,
International Personal Finance

BlueVenn adds the opportunity to integrate near real time data sources with historical behavior and predictive models to plan ‘live’ campaigns through e-channels, bricks and mortar or any other touchpoints.

Glenda Selby,
CRM Data Warehouse Manager,
AAA (American Automobile Association)

What I love is how easy it is to find a new data source then load it, link it, use it! For one project it took just 15 minutes to get the data in, 30 minutes to do analysis and within an hour we had full trending analysis of our customer reviews over the last 2 ½ years.

Joe Pack
Head of CRM,
Space.NK apothecary