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The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform blends online and offline data to create your Single Customer View and dramatically improves results with integrated analytics, segmentation and omnichannel customer journeys

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Customer Journey Platform


Marketers claim to be confident in their abilities to analyze complex data. Is this confidence translating into more efficient marketing campaigns? Many consumers seem to disagree, indicating that they are not satisfied with the way they are being targeted. Is the volume of data and the increasingly complex customer journey to blame?

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You'll see how to:
  • Create segments and utilize analytics
  • Plan and automate complex, real-time, omni-channel customer journeys
  • Use real-time personalization
  • Integrate online and offline channels utilizing a true Single Customer View
  • Provide dynamic reports and dashboards

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Customer Journey Optimization: Following in the steps of your customers

Customer Journey Optimization: Following in the steps of your customers


Weds, May 24, 2017
10am EDT / 3pm BST

Each customer undertakes a unique journey, incorporating multiple channels and exhibiting different behaviors. Although this means huge potential for marketers to better engage with customers, actually tracking this behavior, and making use of the data, can seem like an insurmountable challenge for marketers.

In this webinar, BlueVenn Principal Consultant Jim Kelly will explore this topic in more detail and discuss concepts such as ‘cross-journey communication’ to manage the customer experience.

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Single Customer View: Mythical beast or reality?


Thurs, June 8, 2017
10am EDT / 3pm BST

This webinar examines the common misconceptions and questions surrounding starting a SCV project. Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant at Blue Group, takes you through the benefits, technicalities, improvements and ROI that an SCV could bring your organization.

Having consulted for some of the biggest names in the retail, leisure, finance and insurance industries, Jim provides an honest and fair representation of the benefits and complexities of building an SCV.

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Making GDPR's 'big ideas' work for you and your data


On-demand recording

The impending GDPR changes will bring to the forefront two ‘big concepts’ to the marketing world – Accountability and Data Governance. In this webinar we will explore how marketers can look at GDPR as a positive advantage.

You’ll learn how to potentially use these ‘big concepts’ to both increase consumer trust and start to build a true business asset from your customer data.

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