Single Customer View, Multi-Channel Marketing and Real-Time Personalization

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform connects marketers with customers! Perfectly blend all your online and offline customer data into a powerful Single Customer View and start using BlueVenn's simple 'drag & drop' analytics and customer journey creation tools to execute perfectly targeted, multi-channel customer experiences.

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Customer Journey Platform

BlueVenn integrates with ESP, CMS, SMS, BI & CRM tools

JOIN Digital 2017

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BlueVenn Customer Data Platform Demo

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Feb 1 - 10am EST / 3pm GMT

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You can see how to:

  • Use predictive analytics to make real-time decisions that positively affect the customer journey
  • Improve targeting of campaigns using customer segmentation and RFV analysis
  • Use real-time personalization to better engage customers
  • Integrate online and offline channels into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to create a true Single Customer View

Register for the next Demo:  February 1, 2018

Surf the Waves of Marketing Change in 2018

Surfing the Waves of Marketing Change in 2018


Jan 31 - 10am EST / 3pm GMT

With a New Year comes new challenges, new data to understand, new laws to consider, and emerging technology trends. How do you keep your head above the water and ride the waves of change?

You will learn:

  • Which emerging digital marketing trends are vital for competitive advantage
  • How to build sustainable and profitable customer relationships
  • Achieve rapid actionable insight to understand and analyze customer behavior
  • How to champion marketing change in your organization and avoid internal operational pitfalls

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Bluevenn & David Raab Customer Data Platform webinar

CDPs and Multi-Channel Campaign Management: a Match Made in Heaven


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Customers use multiple devices across many online and offline channels, generating overwhelming amounts of data. Organizations and marketers don’t only have to pull all this data together and make sense of it, but use it to deliver a seamless and personalized journey across every channel.

During this webinar, Customer Data Platform Institute founder David Raab and Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant at BlueVenn, will discuss how a holistic view and a consistent customer experience creates more relevant marketing. 

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Making GDPR's 'big ideas' work for you and your data


On-demand recording

The impending GDPR changes will bring to the forefront two ‘big concepts’ to the marketing world – Accountability and Data Governance. In this webinar we will explore how marketers can look at GDPR as a positive advantage.

You’ll learn how to potentially use these ‘big concepts’ to both increase consumer trust and start to build a true business asset from your customer data.

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 Customer analytics and real-time omnichannel customer journey optimization