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BlueVenn is the first and only Customer Data Platform with an integrated multi-channel marketing automation toolset to enable you to coordinate consistent, personalized campaigns across all your marketing channels.

As well as unifying all your data into a Single Customer View, BlueVenn puts insights at your fingertips and utilizes predictive analytics to help segment, target and orchestrate real-time, omnichannel customer journeys.

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7 Live Webinars | Free Registration
Thursday June 28th starting at 8am EDT / 1pm BST

JOIN DIGITAL is free to attend and includes 7 online-only sessions where you can discover the latest marketing technology trends, engage with Customer Data Platform experts, learn from GDPR consultants, benchmark your email marketing results and hear from real-world brands – and, of course, you don’t have to take a footstep out of the office!

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BlueVenn Customer Data Platform Demo

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Platform Demo

10am EDT / 3pm BST on July 5, 2018 

Register for a LIVE online demo of the latest in cutting-edge marketing automation technology from BlueVenn.

You can see how to:

  • Use predictive analytics to make real-time decisions that positively affect the customer journey
  • Improve targeting of campaigns using customer segmentation and RFV analysis
  • Use real-time personalization to better engage customers
  • Integrate online and offline channels into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to create a true Single Customer View

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JOIN 2018
6 Sessions in 1 Day
Online only


From 8am EDT / 1pm BST on June 28, 2018

JOIN 2018 brings together MarTech companies with six online-only sessions over one day. Brands will learn about the latest technology trends, practical advice to unify customer data, the rise of Customer Data Platforms, analytics principles, systems of insight and the evolution of multi-channel customer journeys.

  • A Marketer's Introduction to Customer Data Platforms
  • Life After the GDPR deadline: What’s Next?
  • Using Gamification to Gain Consent and Engagement in a post GDPR world
  • Hitting the Mark 2018: You don't have to go all in to win
  • 75% of advertising spend is being wasted! Learn how utilizing a Single Customer View for hypertargeting will double your ROI
  • Membership Means More: How Frederick News-Post Transformed Their Customer Experience

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Unifying Online and Offline Data for Multi-channel Customer Experiences

Unifying Online and Offline Data for Multi-channel Customer Experiences


10am EDT / 3pm BST on July 25, 2018

Multi-channel marketing departments across the world undergo constant struggles in their attempts to effectively unify all their data to create a Single Customer View.

In this webinar we’ll take you through the process that a Customer Data Platform automates for marketers to unify, standardise, transform and de-duplicate data from infinite sources, and will detail the benefits of a CDP brings for trustworthy analytics, segmentation and more targeted personalisation strategies across all your marketing channels.

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How Subaru Revolutionized the Customer Experience

How Subaru Revolutionized the Customer Experience


On-demand recording

Buying a new vehicle can be a personal and significant purchase. Often starting with an aspirational poster on a bedroom wall, the car-buying journey is one that could take weeks, if not years. That’s why delivering the most relevance and tapping into those emotions is so important for automotive marketers.

BlueVenn Consultant Director Jeremy Bender will discuss how IM Group, distributors for Subaru, use pioneering personalization approaches to deliver marketing content to the right person at the most opportune moments to see automotive dreams become reality.

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