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BlueVenn is a unified customer data management, compliance and customer journey orchestration platform, with analytics and machine learning, to drive highly targeted personalized engagements.

Our unique drag & drop customer analytics, segmentation and predictive tools transform marketers into data scientists to optimize every online or offline customer touch-point.

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NEW ‘Customer Data Platform benchmark’ report

This new 14-page Customer Data Platform benchmark report by Winterberry Group provides much needed clarity on the 'core' and 'adjacent' capabilities you should expect from a Customer Data Platform.

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10am EST / 3pm GMT on February 27, 2020 

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You can see how to:

  • Create a Single Customer View of all your customer data sources for targeted marketing and trustworthy analytics.
  • Use predictive analytics to make real-time decisions that positively affect the customer journey
  • Improve targeting of campaigns using segmentation and RFV modeling.
  • Orchestrate real-time, omnichannel marketing campaigns and customer journeys.
  • Use real-time personalization, utilizing all online and offline touchpoints, to increase conversions.

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Top 5 Customer Data Platform use cases for multi-channel retailers


10am EST / 3pm GMT on February 26, 2020


Multi-channel retail organizations struggle to truly understand their customers and the buyer journey, due to consumers touching as many as seven or more online or offline channels on their path to purchase. This creates a myriad of use cases and business requirements for technology purchases that need to be answered to enable the retailer to maximize revenue across the entire customer journey.

By ingesting, cleansing and unifying first, second and third party data sources Customer Data Platforms can piece together all the touchpoints to create a full view and then enable the activation of data to maximize personalization and attribution requirements.

In this webinar we’ll explore the top 5 use cases from hundreds of multi-channel retail organizations to help you to uncover yours, and to help you make better choices when investing in database marketing solutions.



Creating Marketing and Sales Alignment with a Customer Data Platform


11am EDT / 3pm GMT on March 11, 2020


When you generate 4 prospects that fundamentally look the same (the same job function, same company size and industry) how do you prioritize who to put your sales efforts into?

In this session, Anthony Botibol, VP Marketing at leading and award-winning CDP vendor BlueVenn, will show how a CDP can derive real business value by helping to ensure that your sales and marketing teams focus on prospects that have the biggest chance to spend big and how to ensure you don’t waste time on “tyre kickers”.

Anthony will showcase the example of a simple model that B2B organizations can utilise through the power of a CDP, and how one organization achieved a 30% increase in profits by simply changing the data that feeds their marketing campaigns.



Best Practice: Using Intent Data to Identify, Personalize and Orchestrate


11am EDT / 3pm GMT on March 25, 2020


The Single Customer View provides marketing with a complete view of every customer or subscriber, and as new data become available, the SCV improves. The new 3rd party data on the block is “intent data” and if you’re not using it yet then you’ll get left behind. Discover how to combine intent data with a CDP to deliver the most complete 360˚ Single Customer View ever!

Discover how:

  • To apply Intent Data to both B2B and B2C marketing strategies
  • To supercharge your retargeting and advertising strategy using Intent Data
  • The different types of Intent Data and why they’re important
  • Intent Data fits into your scoring models


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